The Good Ole Picnic

I just recently learned what the epistemology of this word and it resonated with me. "Pic" referred to a Black person to lynch and this would become a family gathering. There would often be music and a "picnic." "Nic"  is the term that refers to a Nigger.

What occurred at these events? These gatherings were a social norm in the American South and mass outbreaks of hysteria happened, while groups of Southern whites terrorized and brutalize the entire Black communities in states such as Florida and Georgia.

What caused the aggression?African Americans ( Blacks) were accused of  criminal activity, racial disrespect and essentially violating all codes of "Southern etiquette." Lynching served as a ritual of interracial social control and recreation the logic was to "Keep Blacks in their place."

Toni's Thoughts: I understand that these images are graphic and disturbing although I believe in preserving Black Consciousness.


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