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Will Smith and The Infamous Oscars Slap

         It has been two about almost three weeks since rapper/actor Will Smith also known as The Fresh Prince slapped comedian/actor Chris Rock at the Academy Awards. Will Smith was nominated for Best Actor in the biopic film King Richard. The film King Richard told the story of tennis legends Venus and Serena Williams and how their father Richard Williams taught them how to transform into tennis stars.  What happened? Why did Will slap Chris? Chris Rock made a joke referencing the film G.I. and compared Jada Pinkett Smith's hair cut the look worn by Demi Moore in the fim. Jada was not pleased with the joke and her husband Will Smith initially laughed out of discomfort. But he looked over and saw how offended his wife and slapped Chris Rock in the face. Once he returned to his seat he said repeatedly "Keep my wife's name out your fucking mouth!" Chris Rock then responded by saying " I will." It was just a joke? On the surface level yes it was a joke. Howeve

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