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"Truth is the ultimate power. When the truth comes around, all the lies have to run and hide." - Ice Cube

Last week rapper, actor, filmmaker, and businessman  O'Shea Jackson also known as Ice Cube was accused of being a supporter of the GOP President Donald J. Trump. However, Ice Cube stated several times that he never endorsed Trump he simply sat down with members of the Trump administration to discuss a contract he created that would force either the Republican or Democratic Party to provide specific tangible benefits exclusively for Foundation Black Americans also known as Descendants of American Slaves a term created by educator Norris Shelton.  Ice Cube has done several interviews recently to discuss his plan and how it should be implemented. Ice Cube argued that the Black American vote has been taken advantage of. The country is in social and political upheaval but this has always been a reality for Black Americans. It seems as though we are reliving the 1960s and Red Summer once again. With the murders of Breonna Taylor, Amaud Aubrey, and George Floyd protest have been on going all summer and into the fall around the country and globally. In addition to these murders more Black Americans have been killed by police officers and have been found hanging from trees. Local law enforcement has told the family members of Black Americans found hanging from trees that the deaths were suicides.

These tragic situations have prompted Ice Cube to demand tangibles for Black Americans. Ice Cube has argued that sense 2020 is an election year both the Democrats and Republicans are required to earn the Black American vote. But  Foundational Black Americans have voted for the Democratic Party for almost half a century now. At the moment the Democratic Party still expects  Foundational Black Americans to vote for them in large numbers. However, the party is ignoring the demands of  Foundational Black Americans their most loyal voting block.  Foundational Black Americans understand that the Republican has showed open hostility in their stances on police murders, work place racism, and initially anything that places Foundational Black Americans as the underclass of American society. The Democratic Party has recently displayed contempt for Foundational Black Americans and enforced the infamous "Benign Neglect." What is benign neglect? Benign neglect is a national race policy whereby the federal government does nothing more than allow massive civil rights progress of the 1960s to take effect to benefit Black Americans. In the U.S. context benign neglect is also referenced as noninterference that is intended to benefit someone or something more than continual attention would.  This strategy was implemented by the Richard Nixon administration. An example of the Democrats enforcing benign neglect would be the topic of police brutality against Black Americans. I have noticed that members of the Democratic Party will verbally express sympathy for the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd but nobody has taken a concrete stand to enforce policy that would punish racist rogue police officers who do these things.  

Ice Cube's "Contract With Black America" is a 22 page document that strives to achieve racial economic justice. The core principles of the contract are Black Opportunity and Representation, Massive Bank Lending and Finance Reform, Judicial and Public Policy Reform, Constitutional Amendment Codifying Expansion of the 13th Amendment by the Courts, Police Reform, Entertainment Reform and Reparations, Monuments and Institutions, Black Americans Responsibility, and The Case for Neo-Reconstruction. 

Toni's Thoughts:
Ice Cube has used his platform to spark change through his music as a member of N.W.A. ( Niggaz With Attitude) and as a solo artist. I noticed in the interview that Chris Cuomo tried to further push the narrative that Ice Cube endorsed Trump. Chris also continued to try to shame Ice Cube into taking the focus away from Foundational Black American citizens. Traditionally, when Foundational Black Americans push the social and political change in America the tangibles are dispersed  to other groups and Foundational Black Americans get ignored or and their message gets watered down. Malcolm X once argued that Black entertainers should not be touted as leaders in Black America and no other race of people's entertainers are presented as leaders. I agree with that sentiment but I do appreciate Ice Cube for taking this stance. But if you are truly a fan of Ice Cube then you would his first three solo albums then you would know he has always supported this message. I do not always agree with everything Ice Cube does or says but here he is very solid.  Other political constituent groups such as LGBTQ,  Undocumented (non-citizens) immigrants, Women, etc. are allowed to make demands for their votes. But for some reason Black Americans have been told not to make demands.  Ice Cube spoke to parties to see if he could get the demands met. Most people fail to realize that politics is business. Groups and people have business interest. If the candidate or party does not meet your business  interest and demands then you simply move on. Voting is a business exchange the individual running for office is a public servant and they are supposed to serve the public. They are supposed to advance the interest of their constituents. However, money moves politics. Politicians respond to the economy beneath them. Money can be used as a tool in politics to advance your interest. This is why I stated previously that politics is business. If you want read the full document I am providing a link below.

Ice Cube's Contract With Black America Link


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