Black American Political Independence

Since the rapper and businessman Ice Cube has created his Contract With Black America. I have noticed hostility towards him and other Black Americans that support the concept of policy and legislation being passed that would be exclusive to Black Americans as tangibles. I have seen political television pundits from non Foundational Black American backgrounds condemning Ice Cube and anyone that supports this idea. I have also seen some Foundational Black Americans verbalize their anger towards other Black Americans saying that we should not vote for the Democrats or Republicans during this election. Instead we should become Independent.

Earlier this year Derecka Purnell wrote an article entitled "Black Americans are in an abusive relationship with the Democratic Party." This opinion article was published in The Guardian. Purnell argued that Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has displayed a condescending attitude towards Black Americans. When Joe Biden sat down with Charlamagne Tha God, radio host from The Breakfeast Club he asked Joe Biden several times in the interview how can he reassure Black Americans that he will enforce a Black American agenda. Biden responded by saying "If you've got a problem figuring out whether you're for me for Trump, then you ain't Black." This statement was insulting because it showed Biden's entitlement. It showed that Biden and the Democratic Party believe that Black Americans owe them a vote no matter what happens and no matter how much they have taken that vote for granted.

Joe Biden has constantly bragged about his ability to practice bipartisan politics and sacrificing the needs of Black Americans. Joe Biden has attempted to cute social programs that benefit Black Americans, increased mass incarceration, refusal to condemn police and support punishment of racist police officers, and opposition to reparations for Black Americans. In another interview with the New York Times editorial board, Joe Biden that poor Black American parents feel ashamed because they cannot read and skip parent-teacher conferences. In fact, Black parents are most likely to check their children's homework and meet with guidance counselors. So Biden relied to stereotypes. In regards, to stereotypes the Democratic Party used released a video entitled "Get Your Booty to the Poles" to get Black Americans to vote. Here is the video link below.

In this video strippers are being used to discuss politics and entice Black American in particular Black men. This video is offensive because it suggests that Black men are nothing more than "walking penises." The Democratic Party has come under fire for abandoning Black American men. So this video was an attempt to reach them and encourage them to vote. This video also played on the trope that Black women are engrossed in hypersexual stripper culture. In addition, to this awful video I have seen Democratic candidates show anger towards any Black American that asked them specifically what they would do to benefit Black voters. 

Toni's Thoughts: One thing I did not like about the article I mentioned in the post is that the author deflected with words such as Black and POC. I prefer to allow Blackness and Black Americans to stand on our own. But the point of the article still made sense. At this time I see the fallout from Ice Cube's political stance but he is right. It is okay to start your own political party but build an economy base first. I am not saying that Black Americans must vote for the Republican Party either but it is okay to change your party affiliation to Independent.  One of the reasons I no longer want to vote for the Democratic Party is because of the tragic death of Breonna Taylor in my hometown  Louisville, Kentucky. Historically Louisville has always been a city ran by Democratic leadership. However, I watched the Democratic Mayor Greg Fischer, Judge Mary Shaw, and former Commonwealth Prosecutor Thomas Wine not take immediate action to punish the officers that murdered Breonna Taylor and  attempted to murder her boyfriend Kenneth Walker.  With that being said her blood is not just on the hands of Daniel Cameron. It is my belief that members of the Democratic Party on the national scale should demanded that their fellow party members take action on this case sooner.  If a Black American decides not to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris it is not a vote for Donald Trump. Based on the antics and actions of the Democratic Party it makes sense for Foundational Black Americans to do what professional athletes do. Professional athletes go into free agency and force teams to court them before joining them. 

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