Same Old Trick: The Gender Divide Between Black Men and Black Women

Since it has been announced that Ice Cube had a meeting the Trump Administration he has been met with hostility with many members of Black American society such as his peers in the entertainment industry. In this interview he sat down with Actress/Model Claudia Jordan, Actress/Model Lisa Raye, Singer/Actress Syleena Johnson, and Actress/Businesswoman Vivica A. Fox. Initially the interview started off very well. The host seemed cordial to their guest which was Ice Cube. It seemed as though both Claudia Jordan and Vivica A.Fox accused Ice Cube of excluding Black women from his "Contract With Black America." Ice Cube posed the question "Aren't Black women, Black people?" Vivica and Claudia continued to assert that the plan excluded Black women and that there were issues that needed to be addressed from the woman's perspective. Ice Cube responded by saying he would like to collaborate with the women and they can write down their concerns and suggestions. Once that is done it could be implemented into the plan. But for some reason that was still not sufficient enough. It is no secret that the women on the panel have voiced their support for the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Democratic ticket.

Toni's Thoughts: This interview went left very quickly. I was disappointed in the host and how they treated and responded to their guest. I thought their responses lacked logic and was focused on pure emotion and gender only. Personally as a Black woman I do not see myself separate from Black men. Now granted biologically in that context we are different. But overall in American society there is a target on the backs of Foundational Black Americans. I have seen political pundits on television try assert that Black women are the backbone of the community and the Democratic Party. I find that offensive it erases the agency of Black men and their contributions. Instead of brow beating Black men into submission for the Democratic Party. I have yet to see any politician in the party or any pundits discuss why Black men have decided not to support the party. Which is something that was not brought up the host in this interview. I do believe they read Ice Cube's plan and if they did read the plan they did not comprehend it very well. I noticed Vivica was so focused on the issues with Donald Trump. She did not even consider criticism for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Democratic Party.  The only person that did not bite Ice Cube's head off was Lisa Raye. She did not bite the hand that fed her.  Ice Cube hired Lisa Raye as the star of the cult classic film The Player's Club and her career took off. Why are Black American expected to be politically monogamous? Why does Ice Cube even have to explain himself? Ask yourself these questions. Why do  Foundational Black Americans people have to explain who we want to associate with or talk politics and business with? The fallout from Ice Cube's meeting with the Trump Administration shows the Democratic Party's paternalistic attitude towards Foundational Black Americans also known as Black Americans. Ice Cube stated several times he spoke with parties but the Democrats told him that they would contact him after the election. That is an insult and a hustle. If you want a person or a group's vote then you must adhere to their demands before the election. A Black man is trying to take a stand to help elevate his people and some women are fighting against him. This tactic was done in the late 60s and early 70s when liberal feminism was a factor that disrupted both the Civil Rights Movement and Black Power movement. I think it is important not to make the same mistakes some of our grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. made.

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