COVID-19 Survival Kit

At this time the United States is in panic mode. Schools are closing, business are closing, and grocery store shelves are empty. The infamous COVID-19 virus has spread globally and unfortunately will not be slowing down anytime soon. Across the nation governors and mayors have declared state of emergency and enforced curfews to reduce the spread of the virus. Another recession is on the horizon. Retail stores, restaurants, and movie theaters, as well as schools have closed down. With less work hours and unemployment on the rise many people are out of work. If you want to make extra money remotely then it would be smart to remain ahead of the curve. Use this moment as a lesson to stay ready so you do not have to get ready. This course provides tools on how to work remotely since the internet and cable companies are suspending bills for the next 60-90 days. Use this time to not only Netfilix and Chill. But raise your financial thermostat. Purchase the course now here @

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