Why Gayle King Was Wrong

Last week Gayle King interviewed WNBA basketball legend Lisa Leslie. She was also a peer and close friend of Kobe Bryant. Many people including myself were offended by Gayle's question about Kobe's sexual assault case from 2003. This question went viral on social media and many people were outrage. While I have critiques of "Cancel Culture" I admit that some people need to be cancelled and Gayle King is one of them. Last year I did a post about Oprah and Gayle King and how they practice meritorious manumission in the 21st century.

Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and Lisa Leslie

Toni's Thoughts: This post is very short and to the point because we all know what happened. I believe Gayle King was wrong. In college I briefly majored in Broadcast Journalism. I must tell you based on what I studied and learned  Gayle King was unprofessional. She was biased when she posed the question, inaccurate, and judgmental.  She tried to manipulate Lisa into betrays her friend Kobe and smearing his name. Gayle referred to his accuser as a victim. Kobe's accuser was no victim and the sex was consensual he issued a public apology because that is what his attorney told him to do. However, I must say Gayle King was feeling cocky. After her interviews with The Jacksons and R. Kelly last year. She was rude and condescending to The Jacksons and R. Kelly. Regardless of how you feel about R. Kelly the way her interview with him was unprofessional and disrespectful. Pay attention to her tone, body language, and facial expressions when she interviews prominent Black people that have been accused of crimes and caught up in scandal.  Gayle King received a raise for the R. Kelly interview so to me it seems as though she thought she could try this again with Kobe. I was happy to see Snopp Doogg, Lil Boosie, Arie Lennox, Vivica A. Fox, and many other Black people condemn Gayle King. For the record I do not believe she received death threats. Oprah got on television and lied. She signaled dog whistles to White racist liberals, feminist, and self-hating Black people both American and foreign. All of the groups of people I mentioned ran interference for Gayle King. Former Ambassador Susan Rice threatened Snoop Dogg for calling Gayle a bitch. Additionally, Snoop was condemned  by feminist and beta male bullies such as Michael Eric Dyson and Marc Lamont Hill. Just pay attention. When did Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King, or Susan Rice send condolences to Vanessa Bryant and Kobe's surviving children? I salute Lisa Leslie she did an amazing job in that interview. She maintained grace and poise despite the disrespect she endured.  Gayle was following the lead of White racist liberal women such as Abigail Disney, Rachel Ellen Woods, and Allison Morrison. Less than two hours after Kobe's death these women and many other so-called liberal women slandered Kobe.

Kirk Douglas

Natalie Wood

One thing I have noticed Gayle King has never questioned any White person about their scandals and allegations. I remember seeing a photo of Gayle King sitting next to Kirk Douglas at a gala. As we all know Hollywood icon Kirk Douglas died last week at the age of 103. However, there a long standing rumor in Hollywood circles that Kirk Douglas raped Natalie Wood when she was a teenager. Allegedly in the spring of 1954 Kirk Douglas invited Natalie to his room at the Chateau Marmont for an audition. Her mother drove her to a hotel and waited in the car  when she got to the room Kirk gave her a drink. He threw her down on the bed and brutally raped her. The attack last several  hours. When it was over he told her " If you tell anyone it will be the last thing you do." The rape was so violent she bled and went to the hospital. Kirk Douglas later admitted to being a womanizer and alcoholic. Although he never confessed to rape and there was also another rumor that he murdered an up and coming actress. Natalie Wood spent many years and therapy and many of her friends said she would shutter at the mention of his name. Why did I bring this up? Gayle King has not mentioned this or suggested that this could complicate Kirk Douglas's legacy. But she and many other mainstream news outlets did not give Kobe Bryant the same benefit of the doubt. If you look up articles about Kirk Douglas and this allegation mainstream outlets are defending him or saying to mention this now is not respectful. The tone is very different in contrast to Kobe Bryant. 

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Here is the link to the now infamous Gayle King and Lisa Leslie interview


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