Hold This L

About two months the legendary Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin passed away. Her funeral was an All Star tribute. Fantasia, Jennifer Holiday,The Clark Sisters, and Ariana Grande paid tribute. I'm not a fan of Ariana's music but she was invited to the occasion. Bishop Charles Ellis III hosted the home going celebration at his church. Bishop Charles Ellis III made jokes with Ariana Grande and accidentally touched one of her breast. Based on the still shot mainstream media outlets and many people assumed that the minister groped Ariana Grande intentionally. I was disturbed that many people jumped on this bandwagon. I was more disturbed that many Black people assumed the minister violated Ariana Grande.

Initially after the home going celebration social media and mainstream media continued to assert that Bishop Charles Ellis III inappropriately touched Grande. Bishop Charles Ellis III apologized and stated he did not intend to offend anyone. On September 14, 2018 Grande's representatives spoke to to the Detroit Police Department. Ariana Grande's representatives said she believed it was accidental and wanted to move on. It is sad, annoying, and dangerous that the traditional racial trope of the Black male sexual predator remains prevalent in our society. I admit I wish that Ariana Grande would have made the statement sooner. I am still glad she confirmed it was not intentional. I understand that rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment should not be tolerated or justified. At the same time people should not make every interaction between the opposite sex so crude and or vicious. I understand that we are all entitled to our opinions and beliefs. We should still be careful. I believe we live in a mob rule society right now.  A society that engaged in mob rule is dangerous. Middle finger to Trevor Noah for tweeting out your slick ass comment about the encounter. I would mention more people but I won't.


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