Ed Buck's House of Horrors

On September 17, 2019 Edward Bernard Peter Buckmelter also known as Ed Buck was arrested and charged with three counts of battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine, and maintaining a drug house. Additionally, on September 19, 2019 another charge was added against Ed Buck for "one count of distribution of methamphetamine resulting in death" the victim was Gemmel Moore.

Who is Ed Buck? Ed Buck is an American businessman, LGBTQ political activist, and Democratic fundraiser for various campaigns. He was born August 25, 1954 in Stuebenville. Ohio. However, he grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, he attended North High School and graduated from Phoenix College. He worked as a fashion model in Europe, where he starred in television commercials and two movies. He would eventually work for Rapid Information Service prior to purchasing the company through bankruptcy for $250,000. He would rename it Gopher Courier. Five years later he became millionaire after selling the company.

Buck became very active in politics. In 1987 he helped lead the impeachment campaign for then Republican Governor Evan Mecham by creating the "Mecham Watchdog Committee." Buck gained support by focusing on Mecham's opposition to creating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday as a holiday, his proposal for voluntary drug testing, and his plan to reduce the state police force by at least 300 police officers. Buck's opposition incited retaliation from Julian Saunders, the Chairman of Arizonians for Traditional Family Values, over his homosexuality. This caused Ed Buck to switch his political party affiliation from Republican to Democratic. After this he unsuccessfully ran for city council in 2007, in West Hollywood. He also donated $30,000 to Ted Lieu and other Democratic candidates. He has lived in West Hollywood since 1991.

From left to right Gemmel Moore, Center Ed Buck and Right Timothy Dean

Ed Buck's  Sinister Double Life: Los Angeles area writer, activist, and political candidate Jasmyne Cannick reported  the death Gemmel Moore (26) he was found dead in Ed Buck's home on July 27, 2017. Additionally, film producer Tariq Nasheed reported the death of Gemmel Moore on social media and spoke with Black gay men in Los Angeles about Ed Buck.  Gemmel Moore was found naked on a mattress in the living room while gay porn was playing on the television. The LA County coroner spokesperson Ed Winter, said that Buck was inside his Laurel Avenue home at the time of Gemmel Moore's death, drug paraphernalia was recovered. LAPD ( Los Angeles Police Department) also found syringes, sex toys, and "clear plastic bags with suspected methamphetamine in a tool box roll cabinet in the living room. There was approximately 24 syringes with brown residue, 5 glass pipes that had white residue, and burn marks, plastic bags that had white powder residue, and clear plastic bag with a crystal substance. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department prosecutors did not charge Buck on July 26, 2018. On January 7, 2019 another man died at Ed Buck's home his name was Timothy Michael Dean. Another Black man overdosed on meth in Buck's home on September 11, 2019. Fortunately he survived and was able to get away.

Source "Democratic donor Ed Buck exploited drugged at least 10 men"
USA Today

Toni's Thoughts: I found about Ed Buck on social media about two years ago. I found the stories to be very disturbing. It also shows how sexual exploitation and racism run rampant in the LGBTQ community. For some reason it always gets overlooked.  I say this because usually the Black American is used as the scapegoat for homophobia. We are often accused of being the most homophobic community. I disagree with this assertion because it is inaccurate and accusatory. It is a sweeping generalization that should not be made. Back to my original point Ed Buck is a disgusting and evil person. I believe that Ed Buck has more victims I says this because he is an old man there is no telling what he has done across state lines. I have noticed that many media outlets continue to focus on the drugs instead of the sexual exploitation and murders.  He is a violent sexual predator. I have a couple of questions. Why is the White LGBTQ community silent about this? Why are they not condemning him? I also want to why famous Black LGBTQ figures such as Don Lemon, Malik Yoba, Billy Porter, Angelica Ross, and  Laverne Cox, etc. silent about Ed Buck?  Lifetime should do a documentary entitled Surviving Ed Buck. 

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