Good Tree Cannabis

"As more and more states legalize cannabis, there is a huge opportunity to cultivate and train entrepreneurs of color, especially those affected  by the war on drugs, so they can begin to sell, manage, analyze, and expand their businesses under a nationally recognized brand."
                                                     Rashaan Everett, CEO of Good Tree LA & Growing Talent LLC

Rashaan Everett is a Howard University alumnus  and cannabis entrepreneur who has successfully launched a production and distribution business in California called Good Tree. In under two years, the business has generated $3.5 million, $2.2 million so far this year, and he says his business is profitable. Recently, he has ventured into the technology he uses in the Good Tree business to allow other cannabis entrepreneurs to license it as well. The new business is called Growing Talent. The new business will also operate in an incubator to train the licenses.

More About Good Tree
Good Tree LA is a Black owned cannabis brand based in California with 7 licenses spanning cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and retail in major cities including Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Francisco. Investment opportunities begin at $100 with perks for $250 investment commitments.  Thus far the company has raised $180, 496 has been raised from investors. There is currently 41 days left to invest. Learn more about this company and invest by accessing this link

Toni's Thoughts: I learned more about this company from Black Wealth Renaissance I follow them on Twitter and Facebook. They provide great information about finances, entrepreneurship, and building generational wealth. I am not fond of terms like "people of color" and "minorities" but I do believe this would be a great venture. Check it out and  Follow Good Tree LA on Twitter and Instagram. You can also learn more at

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