The Truth About King James... Not LeBron

King James VI (1566-1625) was a prominent man during early modern Britain era. He is also the man behind the "King James Bible" because the book was written and dedicated to him. King James VI was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, the son of Mary, Queen of Scots and Henry Lord Darnley. Mary his mother forced abdication, therefor he was declared King and brought up by several regents. When James began to govern for himself, he often gave offices and honors to men he was sexually attracted to "his favorites."

King James the Man: He was known to be highly intelligent yet complex. King James was also a poet, patron of the arts, an accomplished author. He wrote many treatises focusing on subjects such as politics, religion, etc.

The Dynamic between King James and the Bible: Many Christians often condemn homosexuality and quote scriptures of the Bible especially "King James Bible." The first edition of the King James Bible was published in 1611. At this point in his life he was already involved in a love affair with another man, his sexuality was so controversial that it provoked a rebellion in Scotland, the man was his favorite. He was also about to lure his famous lover the "Duke of Buckingham into bed." King James VI spent all of his life having sexual relationships with men. Most of the verses that people believe use anti-homosexual rhetoric did not appear in the Bible until 1946, when the King James version of the Bible was revised into modern English. There are 26 condemnations of homosexuality in the original Greek New Testament. In the year 1617 King James defended his homosexuality and accused of Jesus Christ of being homosexual.

Was King James married and did he have children? Yes, he married Anne of Denmark and he had children as well. Charles I of England, Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia, Henry Fredrick, Prince of Wales, Robert Stuart, Duke of Kinyatre, Margaret Stuart, Mary Stuart, and Sophia Stuart were his children. He still married and had children because it was the proper thing to do in English monarchy. There was an expectation to produce heirs and heiress to keep the royal lineage going. Although King James VI was never happy with his forced marriage, the marriage occurred for political reasons. He was given the nickname "Queen James."

Famous Lovers of King James VI: Sir Francis Bacon, Esme Stuart ( His French Cousin), Robert Carr, and George Villiers just to name a few.

Toni's Thoughts: I have a passion for studying and reading many different subjects, and I enjoy sharing what I have learned on this blog. I do not have an issue with religion I have an issue with man's negative actions and how man justifies those actions behind religion. Religion alone is a pure thing because it provides people with hope and ethics. In regards to the Bible I do believe the Most High and All Knowing God did provide some form of standards for people to abide by. Although I thought it was important to share this piece of information because many people are misinformed about the King James Bible. If you do not believe me that is fine I would encourage you to do your own research.

Sources: "King James and the History of Homosexuality"
Author: Michael B Young

"Queen James and His Courtiers: The Great Queens of History"
Author: Richtor Norton


  1. Without doubt it is relevant. It would have been even more interesting if presented in context. We might rule out homosexuality as an issue. The 100 year war between the Patrician and the Stuarts is the overarching framework. The struggle to limit the influence of the Papacy, the ascendancy of protestant ethic also in the mix. It was a power struggle as mean and bloody as imaginable.
    Homosexualit, piffle, that has always been there and will always be there. Every couple of years we haul them out,tar and feather or roast them. Somewhere in the struggle for religious power came the famous threat, "no bishop, no king." But, have at it, boys and girls. God has other pressing issues.


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