This Shit is Bananas

Disclaimer: The proper way to spell Harambee is with two "e's" but I guess the zoo decided to spell the gorilla's name with just one e. I saw this image on Facebook and thought it was funny so it might piss some people off. Oh well I cannot and will not be concerned about that.

If you are not aware about the incident at Cincinnati Zoo. I will briefly discuss it. A young toddler wandered off away from his parents and fell into the gorilla exhibit. Videos is this incident surfaced on social media and many news outlets. The gorilla seemed startled by the young toddler presence he appeared to drag the toddler threw the exhibit. Harmabe the gorilla did not harm the toddler but he was shot and killed to prevent potential harm that can be caused to the toddler. Harambe was a seventeen year old Silver Back Gorilla. Silver Back Gorillas are traditionally massive and possess colossal strength. Many animal rights activists have been outraged about the death about Harambe. This is a link to an article with Harambe's former zoo keeper discussing his relationship to the animal.

Toni's Thoughts: I am not a parent but I am puzzled as to how a toddler could not be properly monitored during a visit to the zoo. I understand that people make mistakes but wow. I own two Maltese so I have some form of compassion for animals but does not mean I will not wear a leather jacket. I understand why the zoo killed Harambe he could have potentially killed the toddler on accident so it was not a risk worth taking.  But on the other hand the gorilla was in his own personal space the toddler was an intruder his behavior would have been normal. Overall I am glad that the toddler was rescued with minor injuries. I do not understand the public outrage for the death of an animal when there are many human beings that have been murdered and incarcerated for not committing any crimes.


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