Double Standards of Swirling

After this I don't intend to make anymore post about interracial relationships. I'm all swirled out. About two months ago actress Meghan Markle married Prince Harry of the Windsor Family. Many black women were happy about this event. Although a few weeks earlier black women criticized singer and actor Donald Glover for dating a white woman. I noticed many black men were offended. They noticed the double standard. Those men were right to immediately call out this contradiction. I can admit I used to critique black men for being in interracial relationships more than I critiqued black women. I realized that is was stupid for me to do that. I can admit it was coming from a place of hurt and some bitterness. If black women are going to criticize men like Donald Glover and Omari Hardwick then we need to keep that same energy for women like Serena Williams. Honestly it seems as though some black men and women are in competition to see who can have sexual access to white men and women. I will say I have noticed flaws in Donald Glover's comments about why he does not date black women. At the same time I can see the flaws in Serena William's statements as well. The crazy thing about black women being excited for Meghan Markle is I have never seen or heard her acknowledge her black ancestry. She has always been rather ambiguous about it. We should be more cautious about who we put on a pedestal. For the record she is a Duchess.


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