No Sis

 I previously wrote a post defending actress and television host Tamera Mowry-Housely's interracial relationship. But based on further observation I can admit I was wrong. She stated that many black people had strong opposition to her relationship. Tamera is married to FOX News journalist Adam Housley. I have realized some black people had an issue emphasis on some.  She asserted that black men were extremely opposed to her marriage. Recently I have discovered that is not true. Hell most black men didn't care about her marriage. Many people have issues with Adam's political beliefs and his recent comments on the 4th of July also known as Independence Day in the United States. I read Adam Housely's Instagram post about the 4th of July. I don't have an Instagram account but his comments were trending on Twitter and Facebook. I did not agree with Adam's statements and Tamera's silence is something that cannot be ignored. The more Adam speaks it is evident as to why Tamera has been getting roasted by black people on social media. Each time he speaks he reveals who he really is.

What Did Adam Housley say about the 4th of July? Today is about Americans. I see my feeds and the disagreements and name calling and columns and while it annoys the crap out of me is signifies one blatant fact...freedom. As completely crazy as things seem right now, we are free to be ridiculous. Do you know how many countries in this world that is unacceptable? Most..a massive majority. Venezuela where socialism has ruined the country...nope. Our biggest rivals China and Russia...nope. Even in many EU countries...nope. Having said that...we must also remember that while it seems we are so divided we are not. The massive majority of us...massive...agree on about 90% of everything, yet we allow politics, politicians and outside sources emphasize the 10% at most that we do not agree. We the people need to remember one big fact on this anniversary of our independence...we are one. Before you call someone a name, or make a judgment...we are one. Before you eliminate a friend or end a relationship..we are one. Before you think you are different, or that you are in a column that no one else understands...we are one. Now...go enjoy the day and celebrate freedom. Let the positive...the 90% shine through. #thehousleys #celebratethe4thofjuly

As a Black American I disagree with his statements. The reality is on July 4, 1776 my ancestors were still working in chattel slavery. My ancestors were not even considered to be human beings. It is no secret many people know this. I am not asking for sympathy but don't insult me. These comments lacked accountability.  Adam deflected from the truth. I don't believe he has any remorse about it either. Adam's wife Tamera did not issue a statement about these comments. I believe that is alarming. It is clear the sunken place is not limited to black men. Many black women reside their too. I don't know Adam or Tamera personally but something is not right. Where is her energy when her husband says stuff like this? I really want to know. I can't defend Tamera anymore. I'm glad people are calling out her husband's bull crap. The criticism is not "Racial Junk." Cut the dumb shit we see right through it.


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