Fair or Foul?

Angelica Ross

BLACK TRANS GIRLS ROCK!!!! I’m willing to B.E.T. that no trans women were invited or highlighted at . Is it 18 now? 18 black trans women have been killed this year, but NO MENTION during the segment dedicated to the lives lost??? šŸ—‘

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Angelica Ross

Who is Angelica Ross? Angelica Ross is a  Black transgender actress, transgender advocate, and self-taught computer coder. Ross is also the founder and CEO of Trans Tech Social Enterprises, a firm that helps employ transgender people in the tech industry. Angelia Ross has risen to prominence by starring on the FX series POSE and now American Horror Story.

What is Black Girls Rock? An annual award show created by former DJ/ and model named Beverly Bond. The award show was created in 2006 and became televised later. This award show honors Black women in medicine, education, entertainment, music, and entrepreneurship.

Toni's Thoughts:  I have seen a few episodes and clips of the show Pose. But I really don't watch it because I have designated shows or books that occupy my time  when the show is on. As a biological Black women I was very offended by this tweet. This award show celebrates biological Black  women because traditionally we have not be seen as the standard of beauty in America. We deal with hostility outside of our homes at work, school, etc. Another reason I did not appreciate this tweet because it suggested that we are responsible for these deaths of Black trans women. It took the shine from our night as biological Black women. It suggested that we have not been supportive other Black trans women. Newsflash we usually support everybody. I believe we should be allowed to have a moment or space to ourselves. 

The LBGTQ community has the GLAAD  Media Awards which is their annual award show that celebrates the achievements of the people in the community.  The award show also highlights that issues that impact their lives.  However, there is also an award dedicated to allies. The LGBTQ community also has a cable channel called Logo it was founded in 2005. The channel is owned by Viacom Media Networks. By 2012 the programming on the channel has become been marketed towards heterosexual audiences as well.  In the clip above by the 2:14 mark Angelica Ross discusses her past relationship with an Italian man. Ross admitted that her former longtime boyfriend was racist and Ross began to internalize his attitudes towards the Black American community. Based on this revelation it sounds like Angelica Ross still holds some of those beliefs.  I believe it is interesting and disturbing that she is smiling with Joe Biden based on his track record with policies that harmed Black people. I am sure Angelica Ross knows this but is still smiling and being giddy in his presence. Also in the video clip pay attention. Angelica immediately deflected back to demonizing Black men with the word misogyny and comparing them to her racist ex boy friend. That makes no sense.  As far as I am concerned Biden is no different from her ex boyfriend. Her tone sounds hypocritical, accusatory, etc. I am not denying or dismissing that people in the LGBTQ community have been mistreated and killed. I don't condone harassing and harming someone based on their sexual orientation. But I have an issue with some members of LGBTQ disrespecting Black people especially Black Americans.  The LGBTQ community holds events that don't include the heterosexual community. I have no issue with that because I don't believe that every space needs to be integrated but people should demonstrate respect. The last reason I found this offensive was because it seems like some trans women are attempting to redefine and dictate womanhood for biological heterosexual women. Some trans women called heterosexual women cishet or cis-gendered. Personally I found that term offensive I became familiar with it a few years ago.  Cishet is defined as an adjective that describes a person who is both cis-gender and heterosexual. A person that identifies with his or her assigned-at-birth gender, as well as heterosexual, or attracted exclusively to people of the opposite sex.  I believe that term is bogus also in the same way someone from the LGBTQ community does not want me to redefine who they are I expect the same respect in that regard. My sexual orientation is  heterosexual and I was born as a Black girl now a woman. I endure challenges all  the time as biological woman and I don't need sympathy but I believe this comment was foul and out of pocket.

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