Is ADOS Legitimate?

As the new political cycle has begun a new political ideology has emerged. This new ideology is called ADOS ( American Descendants of Slavery) also known as Black Americans/ Foundational Black Americans.  This is not an organization and there are no leaders it is simply an ideology that allows Black Americans citizens to exercise political maturity. Additionally, it is a way for Black Americans to reclaim their own identity with their own terms. Said differently, ADOS ( American Descendants of Slavery) seeks to reclaim and restore the critical national character of the African American identity and experience, one grounded in our group's unique lineage, and which is central to our continuing struggle for social and economic justice in the Unite d States.  This ideology was created by Howard graduate/ host of The Breaking Brown political show, Yvette Carnell and UCLA alumnus and attorney, Antonio Moore who hosts the weekly show Tonetalks. Here are notes from the ADOS Agenda on the website

#ADOS Agenda
Exclusive Policy Enforcement
Specific and exclusive American descendants of slavery, not "minorities," a throw-away category which includes all groups except White men. That categorization has allowed Democrats to use programs like affirmative actions as "giveaways" to all groups in exchange for votes. The bribery must end. That begins with a new designation on the Census with ADOS and another for Black immigrants. Black immigrants should be barred from accessing affirmative action and other set asides intended for ADOS, as should Asians, Latinos, White Women, and other "minority" groups. In addition, ADOS hiring and employment data must be demanded for all businesses receiving tax credits, incentives, and government support. Once affirmative action is streamlined as a government program only and specifically for ADOS, the program should be fully instituted.

Substantial Businesses Infrastructure
Black businesses only received 1.7% of the $23.09 billion in total  SBA ( Small Business Administration), under President Obama's administration. Previously under President George W. Bush's administration Black businesses received 8.2%. Succeeding as an entrepreneur requires capital, so our agenda demands that 15% of SBA loans be distributed to ADOS businesses.  We seek a multi-billion dollar infrastructure  plan targeted to ADOS communities, including but not limited to, the Black Belt, Flint, Michigan.

Mass Incarceration 
Mass incarceration has wreaked havoc on Black American families. By some accounts there are literally Black males imprisoned than all women are incarcerated  on the planet. To give context there are 20 million Black males, and they largely descend from slavery. While there are 4 billion women globally, both groups producing in the same number of incarcerated. The reinvention slavery through use of the 13th Amendment. It is our position that this must be corrected. We demand a prison and populations oat the state and federal level. We demand that there be real prison reform in the form of investment into counseling, job training, and rehabilitation for our incarcerated.

America has never atoned for its original sin of slavery in the form of reparations. ADOS demands that there be a real review of direct payouts needed to be made to eligible recipients from gathered data, and progress be made toward making #ADOS families whole.
It is the belief and demand that reparations is a debt, owed to #ADOS also known as Foundational Black Americans/Black Americans. Reparations would be both cash payments and large scale programs. Three factors when assessing reparations, 1) how much it would cost, 2) Who should receive it, and 3) How do we implement it?

Who should receive reparations for "Chattel Slavery?"  While wealth transferred through reparations can never right those wrongs done to Black Americans through chattel slavery and the periods of anti-Black discrimination that followed, we as a society are obligated to make those families whole who were so wronged. at the hands of such as immoral institution. The United States has recently paid out reparations from France Holocaust victims. These are the standards for reparations payments to Black Americans. 
1) An individual would have to provide reasonable documentation of at least one ancestor enslaved in the United States and  2) They would need to demonstrate they have identified as Black, African American, Colored, or Negro on established legal documents for at least 10 years prior to the onset of the program. Why do these standards exist? According to Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore argue that this would limit reparations solely to those people who have lineage that ties them both to slavery in the United States, and the subsequent era Jim Crow. Any Black immigrant who came to the United States voluntarily after slavery would not be eligible to receive reparations. This distinction is critical. After deducting for these foreign-born Blacks and their offspring conceived by two parents who didn't descend from American chattel slavery, the recipient groups shrinks substantially.

Toni's Thoughts: I have noticed that many other "marginalized" groups are upset about this new political ideology created by Black Americans. The ideology is being embraced by many Black Americans. Honestly it seems logical to me. It is just a way to hit the reset button and enforce self-preservation. Traditionally, Black Americans have always demonstrated altruism to everyone even if that person or group has exploited them and disrespected them.  With that being said I understand why Black Americans such are tired of being used, abused, and not receiving reciprocity. Mainstream pundits such as Joy Reid and Roland Martin have condemned this ideology. But both of them come from non Black American lineages so I understand their hostility. But it makes me laugh. Some Black actors, actresses, and rappers have attempted to suppress this ideology and it's momentum.  Additionally, prominent Democratic politicians are demonstrating their contempt and ignoring the growing demands and concerns of Black Americans.  Black Americans are the foundation of this country because we built the country for free. Our free labor in the cotton fields of the American South  made American a global superpower. Our culture and contributions carry the pulse in this country and globally. Everyone wants to imitate us. Black Americans have been loyal to the United States of America. We have fought in every war and conflict America has been in. If you disagree with me that is fine but it is the truth you should go study. As I watch other groups get mad at Black Americans for embracing this ideology I believe it is total hypocrisy because they do the same thing to us. Usually people want to form coalitions with us to give their agendas credibility and once that happens the favor is not returned.  Here's my last point. In regards, to immigrants and Black immigrants not receiving reparations for chattel slavery and Jim Crow I support that sentiment. If I lived in Haiti and the Haitians successfully lobbied for reparations from France which they do deserve. I would not insert myself into that because I am not Haitian my people did not suffer from the abuse of France.  The notes above comes straight from ADOS website @

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