When We...Suck!

About three weeks ago singer and songwriter Durrell Babbs also known as Tank sat down for an interview on Angela Yee's Lipservice Podcast. He discussed music, sex, relationships with Angela and her co-hosts. Somehow the topic of lies and oral sex emerged during the interview. Tank made a statement that sent social media into a frenzy. Honestly people are still making memes and scratching their heads. So what did he say that caused a frenzy?  Tank stated that a man performing oral sex on another man is not gay. It is simply experimentation. Tank made an attempt to correlate lying and sexual experimentation.

"He's not a liar, he just lied twice," Tank said, "So let's say a guy sucked a dick one time."
"So let's say twice, "Anglea Yee interjected.
"He sucked dick once, right? Then he's like I'm not sure if I liked it or not. Let me try it again, and then he says "You know what? It's not for me, Don't like the taste. See what I am saying?"
"It doesn't mean he's gay. It means he sucked dick twice. The art of being gay is being gay. It's a constant is a continuous state of being." Tank

Toni's Thoughts: The image above reflects my reaction and I was not the only woman that felt this way. Tank emerged onto the music scene when I was ten years old my mother would play his music in the house and in her car. It is obvious that he is a very handsome man and actually an underrated artist. However, within the last five years he said many things that have rubbed me the wrong way as the old adage goes. I stopped listening to music when made his comments about dark skinned Black women. His remarks were condescending and typical gas lighting.  Based on these comments I believe Tank is tired of hiding something. I believe he just told on himself. If he's gay I have no issue with that. But don't insult me or any other rational person. Like seriously stop it Tank we all know what that means.  I saw some men on social media say women do experiment with other women sexually usually when they are in high school or college. That is very true. Some men posed the question does that make these women gay. I would yes. As a heterosexual woman if my boyfriend or husband said that to me I will be prepared to back my belongings and bounce. What Tank is saying is absolute bullshit. I am glad to know many Black women were not taking his comments seriously.  In the sense that we see it for what it really is he is in denial. A few years back Tank performed at the annual Gay Pride festival in Washington, D.C. he said he wanted to be an ally to the LGBTQ community. I thought he just needed a new audience to exploit because he lost a big chunk of his core fan base which was Black women. He alienated Black women when he made those comments about color ism. Tank has been accusing the entire Black American community of being homophobic for not agreeing with his comments. He has been beating that drum and I take offense to it being the term"homophobia" gets used too loosely and thrown around in the wrong context. Tank has a song called "Keep It 100"  I suggest he remember the lyrics to the song and apply that to his life. Here is the link to the interview below

Tank's Lipservice Interview


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