Jahiem's Ode to Florida

Oh, Florida something’s very wrong 
Need to know what's going on
Can we make this house a home?
Oh oh Florida
Oh Florida can I talk to you?
Can we walk and have an interview?
every time I tell around something is going, is going now

Chorus from the song "Florida" sung by R&B singer Jahiem

I have been a fan of Jahiem since I was ten years old because my mother played his music all of the time and she continues that to this day. I really like  his new album Appreciation Day and this song is my favorite song the first time I heard it the song brought me to tears. This song is our generations version of Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come. It is wonderful to hear a Black artists sing about social and political commentary and he had the ability to wrap his emotion around the lyric. I'm going to post the song next. In this song Jahiem pays tribute to Trayvon Martin while criticizing the corrupt criminal justice system of America especially in the state of Florida.

Beach in Pompano Beach, Florida

Here is the last part of the song these lyrics are so compelling...
So Florida don't make me cry 
For I gotta leave your way bye bye 
White Sandy beaches in wind, 
But the sun done burn my skin
Had a talk with your first cousin Georgia
Heard what happen from the news reporter
You’re surrounded by clouds, thunder and lighting sounds now the sun is falling down

Tell me why you don’t love yo black babies the same 
Why you be calling them out of there names?
Were the son of a judge can hold a grudge and 
take a life away 
And be free the next day
Feels like a heaven hand 
The weather so strange. 


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