For the Lover In You... A Haygan Edition

Happy Valentines Day to all sending all my love to you. I will be back presenting historical achievements in honor of Black History Month. Stay tuned. In addition to history and politics I have a passion for the arts, specifically music. In the wake of cultural appropriation it is refreshing to come across an African American artists that remains to true to the essence and vernacular of Black music genres. A Haygan is an incredible  R&B artists on the cusp of stardom.

Who Is A Haygan? A Haygan is a native of Evansville, Indiana and later raised in Henderson, Kentucky. He developed an interest in performing arts as child. He studied dance and participated in local talent shows. In addition to music, he developed an interest in sports. He was awarded a basketball scholarship to Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, KY; later transferring to Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY. During his time in college he was encouraged by a friend to sing at open mic night and since then his musical aspirations have flourished.

Standing on the shoulders of the greats David Ruffin, Marvin Gaye, Jodeci, Donnell Jones, Aaron Hall, Case Dwele, and Al Green many men he has been influenced by. A Haygan is able to fulfill the challenge and preserve solid R&B and have his fans yearning for more. A Haygan's voice demonstrates versatility and vulnerability with strong lyrical content.

A Haygan is making his presence well known. He has collaborated with Lloyd and J. Holiday he was featured on the remix of "I Can Be More" in 2011. His current single "Showtime" is out right now garnering millions of views on YouTube. He is currently signed to Fly Gang Ent.

Today you can listen to A Haygan's mix tape " Heart, Mind, & Soul."

" A Haygan has a unique style that has not been played on the radio lately. The sound of the mix tape really captures the listeners ears." Antoinette Ortega

Antoinette Ortega is the CEO  of Ortega Lab Productions, an independent record label based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The label is dedicated to introducing and developing new artists.

I'm telling you to become a fan and support the talent of A Haygan he is a gladiator ready to resurrect R&B and eliminate the watered down corporate version. Follow A Haygan on Twitter
A Haygan @ahaygan. Be sure to check out his website


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