Back Where It All Started The Gospel

Although I have not attended church on a consistent basis in my adult life. My academic training in African American Studies has taught me to appreciate Gospel Music. I admit I am very biased and the only gospel music I prefer listening to is the old stuff. I mean back woods singing that shakes the building such as Mahilia Jackson and A Sweet Honey in the Rock. I can appreciate Yolanda Adams and The Clark Sisters. Gospel music gave birth to Black Music in America. I do not like contemporary gospel music I believe it is fabricated. Early gospel and spirituals were code languages for Black Liberation in the era of American Slavery. For the example  "Mary Don't You Weep" meant that the Black community would protect the child that was sold off to another plantation.

Here is the link to Alvin Ailey's "Revelations" dance performance

Here is the link to Martha Bass's cover of  "Walk With Me Lord" originally sung by Mahilia Jackson and was featured in the film Selma


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