The Keyz of Kendall's Life

Kendall Carter

As I enjoy the sounds of John Coltrane and Duke Ellington. I ponder about who will take the mantle and transform the world of music. It is safe to say that John Coltrane was one of the great architects of jazz. Now another young man has emerged to enhance this great tradition. I am referring to my cousin Kendall Carter known professionally as "Kendall Keyz."

Who is Kendall "Keyz" Carter? A gifted young man. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. He has recently graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in Jazz Piano Performance. In the wake of police brutality and mass incarceration I wanted to celebrate my cousin's accomplishments. He is member of a unique group.  Kendall is an educated Black man. This group of Black men are not represented in the media. Round of applause Kendall! In the realm of music Kendall is a gifted pianist he can make the piano talk. Kendall is currently a freelance pianist and private teacher. He is married to the music.

"I can honestly say that I've always been interested in music since I was a youngster. I don't really remember a specific moment in which I decided to want to be musicians, but I will say growing up in church and always sitting somewhere near the musicians section helped to cultivate my interest in playing music."

Introduction to Jazz
"I had a brief introduction to jazz in middle school where I played in my school's jazz band, but it wasn't anything serious for me at the time. I didn't take it seriously until my senior year in high school when some classmates of mine asked me to join the Jazz Ensemble. I have no idea as to how or when they heard one play; but whatever the case I ended up joining the J.E. and I also ended up joining their jazz quartet."
Hampton Howes


Musical Influences

"Sheryl Langford (pianist at my grandparents church), Marva Anderson & Vanessa Clayton two musicians at my church (Baptized Pentecostal) I spent alot of time listening to the great jazz musicians of yesterday and today. Some of the musicians ( more specifically pianists & organists) that I listen to on a regular basis would be Art Tatum, Oscar Patterson, Hampton Hawes, Bill Evans, Eroll Garner, Earl Hines, Mc Coy Tyner, Michel Pettrucciani, Shirley Scott, Jimmy Smith, Rhoda Scott, Larry Young, Jimmy McGriff, Don Patterson, Richard "Groove" Holmes."

Favorite Jazz Albums
All The Way Jimmy Smith
Soul Power Richard "Groove" Holmes
At the Piano Hampton Howes
Blues Everywhere Shirley Scott
Goin' Home Archile Shepp & Horace Parlan

Kendall Carter
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Toni's Thoughts: I really love music. I have a great appreciation for individuals that are not limited to singing and dancing. Composers, songwriters, pianist, and percussionists are the essence of music they provide the main ingredient. The music industry lacks real talent and craftsmanship. Remember this face and remember this name.


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