Can He Relate Now?

In the photo above you see rapper and fashion model ASAP Rocky. He emerged onto the music scene with his debut album Long Live ASAP in 2013. He has has released two additional studio albums. He has dated Iggy Azaela, Kendall Jenner, and many other famous women. He is also the cousin of former NFL star Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson. When ASAP is not on stage you can see him in print ads for Calvin Klein or GUCCI , attending fashion shows, and partying at various night clubs. About three weeks ago he was arrested for assault in Stockholm, Sweden after a concert. Based on the video footage I saw from the incident. ASAP and his entourage were defending the honor of two women and the crew altogether. According to the police reports in Sweden the alleged victim was kicked, beaten, and cut.  ASAP's bodyguard filed a counter complaint and based on the video I believe it is justified. However, this incident seems like a boomerang coming back to ASAP Rocky. Look at the quote below. 

Toni's Thoughts: I remember when he made the statement above a few years ago. I will admit that I do not want to see him suffer or endure harm. However, I believe this is very ironic. His family has asked Al Sharpton to step in and help him. His legal defense team is working hard to have him released from custody. Additionally, Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian-West have reached out to President Trump to have the rapper released from custody. While other rap artist have stated they would boycott Sweden by not performing concerts in the country. In regards to ASAP Rocky's comments from a few years ago I will say that we are entitled to our own opinions. But he could have and should have said no comment. Everything he said was ignorant and arrogant. I did not expect him to be a political activist I do not believe that everyone is intelligent enough to do that. He is bragging about death culture. He bragged out drinking lean and having sex with multiples women. He sounded like a guy that cannot control his inhibitions and is proud to be apathetic. I have some questions for ASAP Rocky. Did the fashion designers come to your rescue? Did the women you sleep with come to Sweden? Maybe he should call his friends in Soho and Beverly Hills. I hope he gets home with no issues but this is not the first time he has made a slick ass comment towards to Black Americans. With that being said I do not live in Sweden and it is above me now. If Kim and Kanye are able to help get him released from custody then go for it. I am curious to see what happens when he returns to the United States. 

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