Why Him?

" I think overtime I began to call myself  Black rather than half-Puerto-Rican and half-Black not consciously or intentionally but I believe it just happened. I think in retrospect the reason I started doing that is because the reason seems to be there is much more to be gained in terms of social capital by calling yourself Black."  -Coleman Hughes Cruz

Who is Coleman Hughes Cruz? He is an undergraduate student at Columbia University in New York City. He was born in 1996 and grew up in New Jersey. He came into prominence about a month ago when he testified before the United States House Judiciary Subcommittee at a hearing on reparations for slavery, arguing against the campaign. Hughes asserted that reparation payments to slaves would insult Black Americans further dividing the country, and would make him and other descendants of slaves "victims without their consent." He made the following statement.  "If we were to pay reparations today, we would only divide the country further, making it harder to build the political coalitions required to solve the problems facing Black people today."

What is his occupation? He is a columnist at Quillette, co-host of Dilemma Podcast and freelance opinion writer. He has written opinion pieces for the New York Times, WSJ, NRO, City Journal Spectator, and Hdx Academy.

Toni's Thoughts: First let me say that Coleman Hughes Cruz attaches himself to linage of Black American when it benefits him. Yes, Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory and many Puerto Ricans have African ancestry. However, it is important to ask how many Puerto-Ricans actually acknowledge their African ancestry? How many of them denounce it? I have noticed that there is little information revealed to the general public about this young man. Also I have noticed his name is listed as Coleman Hughes not Coleman Hughes Cruz. Just like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Kamala Harris they try to identify as Black when it is convenient for them or attach themselves to the Black American experience. But none of the people I mentioned have ties to Black America. Their lineage is not traced to slavery in the American South or the atrocities that followed. It is extremely disrespectful to insert yourself into this conversation. I played the video clip above so you could hear the words come out of his mouth. I am not sure why this young man has risen to prominence or why he believes he is able to speak on this subject. Coleman Hughes Cruz is a sound cloud rapper with a song entitled "My Dick Works Good." He recently posted an image on his Instagram account account with a shirt saying "I'm a Pussy." Today he will be debating reparations again in New York City.  What makes him qualified? Why has he been selected to participate in this discussion? He has already admitted that tries to benefit from "Blackness" when it can provide resources for him. To me it sounds like he wants to benefit from the sacrifices that Black Americans have made but wants deny Black Americans such as myself the restitution and debt we are owed. This guy a rotten scoundrel and parasite. 


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