Happy Birthday to Marcus Mosiah Garvey

On this day in 1887 the illustrious Marcus Mosiah Garvey was born Saint Ann's Bay Jamaica. I have been to New York City several times since 2015. I have spent time in Harlem where this great man worked to advance all realms of life for Black people. He is the man behind the UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association). Ideologically he expanded Black Nationalism  and Pan-Africanism. These ideologies would later become known as Garveyism. Even though I believe modern Pan-Africans are an insult to Marcus Garvey. He did not attempt undermine Black Americans he did everything he could to help them. Without Marcus Garvey we would not have Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X their parents followed and studied Garvey. So it makes sense that they would eventually become friends. Marcus Garvey was not just an activist and orator. He was also an entrepreneur that created The Black Star Line.  He embodied pride and self-determination. Marcus Garvey never denied racism and white supremacy but he did believe that his people could rise above it. I find it interesting that he could not gain support in his native country Jamaica but here on United States soil Black Americans embraced him and we still honor him today. He is not like many modern Black immigrants that act pretentious towards Black Americans. Let me clear I am not saying all Black immigrants act this way towards Black Americans but there are far too many that disrespect us. With that being said take time to study the life and works of this man. 


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