BMM ( Black Music Month)

As an African American woman music is a very important center piece to my life in the context of Black people or people of African descent the art form of music is important to us. Music exudes creative expression and traditions. We have used music to send messages to members of our community and this art form has its own vernacular. African American musicians, songwriters, singers, etc. have made many contributions by being innovative with creating various genres. On June 7, 1979 President Jimmy Carter declared the month of June as Black Music Month and in 2009 President Obama declared June as African American Music Month. This month I will be featuring post on genres popular and lesser known yet influential artists that have shared their musical gifts to the world.


In the context of  African American folklore, songs have been used to tell the story of a culture's history or announcing a notable moment or deed. The structure of black music comes from the "call and response" which means melodic phrases that offset one another. Another aspect of Black music is formal; formal music is classical training in music which usually occurs in the church. I will be sharing so much so stay tuned.

Miguel and Kendrick Lamar


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