Hey Love.... The Delfonics

Major Harris, William and Wilbert Hart

I gave my heart and soul to you, girl
Didn't I do it baby.... didn't I do it baby

Gave you the love you never knew, girl
Didn't I do it baby... didn't I do it baby

I've tried so many times and that's no lie
It seems to make you laugh each time I cry

Didn't I blow your mind this time, didn't I, oh
Didn't I blow your mind this time, didn't I,

"Didn't I Blow Your Mind ( This Time)" The Delfonics 1968

William and Wilber Hart, Randy Cain

The Delfonics placed their stamp on R&B music in the late 60s and early 70s they were incredible vocalists as a trio their harmonies were so strong; their harmonies were just as strong a groups with four or five members such as The Four Tops and The Temptations. I was introduced to their music from watching the film Jackie Brown and learned more about them on TV One's Unsung. I'm telling you TV One's Unsung is like the "Black Behind Music and E True Hollywood Story." My favorite song by this group is "Hey Love" because the lyrical content tells a great story, the vocal arrangement is beautiful and gives a tasteful psychedelic sound. 

What Songs Made Us Love Them? "Didn't I Blow Your Mind (This Time),"  "I'm Sorry," "Hey Love" "La, La Means I Love You," and 'Ready or Not (Here I Come)" a song that was sampled by The Fugees and Missy Elliott in the 90s. All hit songs were written by lead vocalists William Hart and songwriter/producer Thom Bell who also created hits for The Spinners and The Stylistics.

Who Were the Members? William and Wilbert Hart ( brothers) Ritchie Daniels, and Randy Cain born and raised in Philadelphia, PA except for William who was born in Washington, D.C. met and formed the group in high school during in 1965. Ritchie Daniels had to leave the group because he was drafted his departure came in 1968 three years after the group was formed. Originally they were known as the "Four Gents" before changing their name to The Delfonics. Randy Cain left in 1971 and was replaced by Major Harris both men are now deceased. 

By 1975 the group had minor hit records and various member departures recently and initially split but continued to tour with different members. They are still heavily sampled by hip hop artists and they continue to perform on 70's Soul Music Tours. Brothers William and Wilbert have clashed professionally and personally yet they are still active in music. If you have not heard the sound of The Delfonics I encourage you to listen to their music its incredible. They shaped the genre known as "Philly Soul."

TV One Unsung


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