Cool on You... August Alsina

August Alsina BET Awards 2014 Red Carpet

Our father who art in heaven
I pray you free from my demons and keep me level
I know you kept me out of prison where I was headin'
When I heard someone killed my brother, one-eighty seven
I hope he made it your presence, for me he was blessin'
At least I know he's restin' and he ain't out here stressin'
Tyrna get to the good life, and of this hood life

"Benediction Verse 2" August Alsina

"I represent the struggle." August Alsina ( Words he spoke in acceptance speech at the 2014 BET AWARDS )

August Alsina is a New Orleans born and bred singer that has overcome many obstacles in his life. In honor of Black Music Month I want to close out the month as it ended on Monday with information about August. On Sunday he became an BET Award winner receiving awards for "Best New Artist" and "Coco Cola Viewer's Choice" Award. I have been of August since I first heard his mix tape The Product back in 2012.

August has endured his fair share of adversity the loss of his brother Melvin back in 2010, crack cocaine addiction plagued his family, and he was homeless had to live in a corner store, sell drugs, essentially he did any and everything to survive. The death of his brother served as a catalyst  for August to pursue a music career full time. August began singing after listening to Lauryn Hill in the film Sister Act 2, and he first uploaded a video on YouTube singing a cover of Lyfe Jennings "Hypothetically" in 2007 at the age of 14. Another singer that has served as a musical influence for August.

Toni's Thoughts: I am very happy to see this young brother succeed I wish him the best. His music tells vivid stories of his past life and the life of his peers. August is true to his craft for having a polished voice ( there is no gimmick), excellent songwriting skills, and he is handsome. In regards to his bond with his  older I think it is beautiful and noble that he is help raising his brother's daughters and he dedicated the release of his debut album "Testimony" on April 15th, his late brother's birthday. I appreciate the emotions he displays in his music. Although my younger brother has not passed away he is currently incarcerated and his birthday is April 15th so I really understand where August is coming from in regards to his brother. August congrats on all the success your voice is a breath of fresh air. Purchase his album Testimony it is amazing great vocal skills and intriguing lyrical content.


  1. Have you seen his cover of India Arie's Ready for Love?


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